• 1st visit:

    Our first visit together only last 45 minutes. We take this time to get to know one another, and see if we would be a good fit together. The basis of every relationship is trust, so in order to move forward we will need to establish trust into our relationship. We will discuss your experiences in the industry, set expectations for the future, and send you home with some homework to complete before our next visit.

  • 2nd visit:

    This is what we call the ICA visit, and it, along with all other visits from here on out, will cover 60 minutes. During the ICA visit, we will review your current financial position - particularly areas around retirement income planning, insurance planning, estate and tax planning. We will analyze your current investments and determine where you will be in 10, 20, 50 years into the future if nothing were to change. This helps us review questions such as if the expectations/goals, that we discussed in the first visit, will be met or not. We briefly discuss plans and strategies about moving forward, and disclose to you our project management fee.

  • 3rd+ visit:

    You are now officially a client of Carr Capital! In the visits that follow, we begin to put your plan into action and work together towards your financial goals. Depending on the complexity of your plan, you could expect to have anywhere from 3-5 visits total with us to get your plan fully functioning. We will be working tirelessly behind the scenes for you, just as we expect you to be working with us in the process of implementing your plan.

  • Event Invitations:

    Every month, Carr Capital host events for our clients and newsletter subscribers. We have a Ladies Luncheon in the afternoon and a Nibbles and Knowledge event for everyone to attend in the evening, each taking place on the third Thursday of the month. At these events, you can expect to have a good time while enjoying good food in a relaxing atmosphere while David and Cass lead a short discussion on a relevant financial topic. 

  • Review Visits:

    Our review visits typically occur semi-annually or annually, whichever you prefer or we feel necessary. In these 60 minute visits, we will review your financial plan and ensure that everything is working as it should. We will answer any question that may arise and revisit your goals and objectives - if anything has changed we will begin working to align your plan with your new goals.