About Us

Carr Capital, LLC was created in July of 2013 in Longview, Texas by finance-industry veteran David Carr, and it is regulated annually by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Carr Capital focuses on an educational style, process-driven approach involving several visits. We are always striving to develop more thought-provoking and stimulating questions, which are crucial in helping us determine the key concerns you have and any unique issues you may face. From there, it’s much easier to align with financial solutions and strategies that mirror your values, and lock-in on your most important objectives. 

As a client of Carr Capital, LLC, we want you to know that you’ll have a whole team of professionals committed to your success. The local team serves out of the Longview office, with other business partners/specialists in satellite offices located predominantly in the Dallas Metroplex, with several other key associates officing all over the country. 

Our Core Values

  • We believe little things matter a lot. 
  • We believe in personal responsibility. 
  • We believe nice companies finish first. 
  • We believe in a teaching/educational approach. 
  • We believe in speaking forthrightly and with candor. 
  • We believe listening is better than convincing. 
  • We believe everything we do has an effect on how we’re viewed. 
  • We believe in mutually-profitable partnerships with clients. 
  • We believe in providing the best client experience in the world. 
  • We believe embracing change leads to future success. 
  • We believe in improving our clients quality of life. 
  • We believe in having a servant’s heart when dealing with our clients. 

Our Team

Our Office

We moved into our cozy new spot, located in downtown Longview, Texas, in January of 2017. We're very proud of our building, its history began with being the first duplex in all of Longview, Texas in 1875. That makes the ambiance of our office unique and we enjoy showing it off. Clients always speak highly of its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, we’re very thankful to be here as opposed to a tall skyscraper! Check out a few pictures of our favorite hangout, but we hope to see you stop by sometime to get the full experience!